What Does PDX Additions Do?

Have you been struggling with whether to renovate or add-on to your home? Does it seem like your home could be improved if the spaces flowed together better? Are you trying to do more in your space – make room for a new baby? Find space for a home office?
We offer a range of services customized to your needs. From interior space planning and design to exploring options of renovation or addition and more. Start the process by sending us a message through the contact form and we'll go from there!


On-Site Consultation & Analysis

The most popular service we offer. You have ideas about what you can do with your home but there’s so many variables to consider that you’re stuck. We’ll discuss your hopes and do an on-site visit to your home to investigate your space, how the home is built and how it is situated on your property. We’ll work together to outline your needs – a growing family, integrating a home office, better interior flow – and come up with a list of options for how to accomplish what you need your home to do. [Read more…]

Design Services

We also offer residential design services for remodels and additions. We work closely with you to develop a design that takes into consideration your home’s layout, style, and structure balanced with your needs and budget. Then we develop a set of drawings to take you through the permitting and construction process. [Read more…]

Space Planning

Clients often come to us with questions about how they can use their home more efficiently. They have a sense that the flow could be better or have concerns about integrating a new baby, family member or a home office into their existing spaces. We come in, look at your home, the furniture and objects within it, discuss your particular living style and work with you to create a recommendation as to how the spaces could be better organized. [Read more…]

Property Research

Each property is unique. Before you add onto your home, you need to know how zoning and building code restrictions affect your plan. In Portland, there are also numerous special “overlay zones” and design districts which may require additional consideration. Many, many properties have non-conforming issues that may need to be rectified in order to make structural changes. We can work with you to figure out what these issues are and how they will affect your project. [Read more…]

Measured Drawings

It may be necessary to created a set of measured drawings in order to move your project forward. This set of drawings shows how the home is currently configured. They’re used by architects and contractors as the base for their work. We visit your home, measure the space, and then create a drafted set of drawings. Typically, we concentrate the work just on the area under consideration for renovation or addition but the scope of these services can expand or contract as necessary. [Read more…]

Personal Organization, Furniture Layout & Sourcing

Is it time to get rid of some things but the process is too large and daunting? Sorting, culling, donating, re-using or recycling, it’s always more fun (and more successful) to do this with some help. Could your space use a freshening up either with a new furniture layout or some new pieces? We would be happy to help with these personal home services and more! [Read more….]

Projects and Clients

Transformation: Cramped Entry Hall becomes Welcoming Foyer

One of my favorite projects from the recent past is this entry hall/living room remodel which was part of a larger whole-house master plan and renovation. This client has a lovely Lake Oswego home which she bought to be closer to family. It’s a generously sized home whose last owners had owned it for many […]

1940s Galley Kitchen Update

This cute, little gem of a 1940s cottage had a narrow, double-galley kitchen. Original cabinetry was modest and failing after nearly 80s years of use. The challenge was to re-make the kitchen…only better! Both homeowners like to cook and be in the kitchen together but it is a fairly small space. The refrigerator was placed […]

Transformation of 1920s Laurelhurst Bungalow with Big Dormer

This is a project that I completed around six years ago for a client and dear friend. The couple had just purchased a very cute bungalow type house in the Laurelhurst neighborhood that had a large, vaulted attic space which was livable as-is but was essentially just one very large room covered in knotty-pine panelling. […]

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Who is PDX Additions?

Amanda Erickson has been working as a designer, primarily residential, in Portland for over ten years. Through the course of her career – and life – she has discovered that she is a problem solver first and that she loves working collaboratively to come up with creative solutions. Portland homes have a unique character and charm as do their residents. We are an enterprising group of people here who DIY as much as possible. She has discovered, though, that approaching a residential remodel, addition or just trying to figure out how to make a home work better is such a complex process that it can be helpful to have the assistance of an expert to find a good path.
Amanda Erickson works with a few other partners to help homeowners create more space in their home. If you have an issue to work through, drop us a line through the contact form and we'll see what we can do!

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