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New from PDX Additions: professional home organization, furniture layout, furniture sourcing… and more!

I’m very excited to announce that PDX Additions is offering more expansive personal home services: professional home organization, furniture layout, furniture sourcing, and more! If you’re a current or former client of mine, you may have met Sarah Leoni when she assisted during measure-up of your home. She has also worked behind-the-scenes on some of your projects. She’s incredibly detailed, has a great eye and fantastic taste. We’ve now teamed up formally to offer her skill-set for those more personal needs that you might have in your home.

Often when considering a remodel, clients are frustrated by storage issues or space utilization. Sometimes, the answer to that problem is remodeling to open or close off spaces or add on. Other times, the solution is to re-work how a current space is being used – this is where professional home organization can be extremely helpful and potentially save thousands of dollars. Working with an organizer brings in a fresh perspective to home challenges that don’t seem to have a solution. Simple organizational changes can make a huge difference and will make ideas about future remodeling clearer or, perhaps, completely unnecessary!

Professional Organizer, Sarah Leoni, will help you determine what areas of your home are causing dissatisfaction and stress and can be reimagined to create aesthetically pleasing, functional, organized spaces that serve their purpose and provide sanctuary in your busy life.

She can help with a number of home projects including:

  • Customized organization plans for the whole house or individual rooms
  • Furniture and fixture sourcing, buying and installation
  • Closet, office and kitchen storage solutions
  • Room layouts and design, including decoration and color consultations
  • Paper, records and file management
  • Move planning and staging for home selling

During the initial 1-2 hour in-home consultation, Sarah will help assess your needs and priorities, examine current organization systems and create an action plan tailored to your needs that can be carried out by you or left in her capable hands. She will introduce systems designed to create sustainable organizational habits – so that once you get organized, you are able to easily stay organized. She is available for everything from simple advice for changes you can implement on your own to full-service for busy clients who need to pass off a project to be completed in a timely and efficient manner.

To set up a consultation or get started on a project with Sarah, fill out the contact form!