New from PDX Additions: professional home organization, furniture layout, furniture sourcing… and more!

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I’m very excited to announce that PDX Additions is offering more expansive personal home services: professional home organization, furniture layout, furniture sourcing, and more! If you’re a current or former client of mine, you may have met Sarah Leoni when she assisted during measure-up of your home. She has also worked behind-the-scenes on some of […]

On-Site Consultation & Analysis

The most popular service we offer. You have ideas about what you can do with your home but there’s so many variables to consider that you’re stuck. We’ll discuss your hopes and do an on-site visit to your home to investigate your space, how the home is built and how it is situated on your […]

Design Services

We also offer residential design services for remodels and additions. We work closely with you to develop a design that takes into consideration your home’s layout, style, and structure balanced with your needs and budget. Then we develop a set of drawings to take you through the permitting and construction process. [Read more…]

Space Planning

Clients often come to us with questions about how they can use their home more efficiently. They have a sense that the flow could be better or have concerns about integrating a new baby, family member or a home office into their existing spaces. We come in, look at your home, the furniture and objects […]

Property Research

Each property is unique. Before you add onto your home, you need to know how zoning and building code restrictions affect your plan. In Portland, there are also numerous special “overlay zones” and design districts which may require additional consideration. Many, many properties have non-conforming issues that may need to be rectified in order to […]

Measured Drawings

It may be necessary to created a set of measured drawings in order to move your project forward. This set of drawings shows how the home is currently configured. They’re used by architects and contractors as the base for their work. We visit your home, measure the space, and then create a drafted set of […]

Personal Organization, Furniture Layout & Sourcing

Is it time to get rid of some things but the process is too large and daunting? Sorting, culling, donating, re-using or recycling, it’s always more fun (and more successful) to do this with some help. Could your space use a freshening up either with a new furniture layout or some new pieces? We would […]